Some clients are so unbelievable! I think they cant differ between Social Media Analyst and Social Media Content Producer. If you are as annoying as these uninformed people, you need to read this. 


We manage your accounts daily, help you grow your brand, and make people aware of your presence in the social media world. Our strong point is our good writing skills. And you have to be able to UNDERSTAND CLEARLY that we cannot make your followers grow, unless your pictures are in good qualities.

It’s the content that makes your account grow its followers organically. We are not some low-class follower-seller kind of people. For us, that is the cheapest most outrageous way to grow followers, because it’s FAKE and it’s DANGEROUS, as they can steal your username and password. Please put that in mind.

2. Building Our Mutual Trust:

We know that you pay us to help you maintain and manage your account. But the most annoying thing a client could do is to keep asking about the growth of their followers “every.single.day”. You have to learn to let go and let us do our job. Learn to trust us enough to run your account and – slowly but surely, your followers and likes will grow.

3. Give Us Good-Quality Pictures and We Will Handle The Rest:

On top of that, the most essential thing about ‘likes and followers’ are a bright and good-quality picture mixed with strong and beautiful caption that will surely make your posts standout among the crowds. BEAR IN MIND that you need to give us a variety of good-quality pictures; fresh pictures weekly or monthly are a must if you want to grow your followers. Because netizen get bored easily with the same pictures you post over and over again.

4. Picture Policy:

Unless you are a supermodel or a public figure, you need to stop posting selfies every day. Focus on what you do: your work, your career, your hobbies, your interests, etc. On top of that, post something that your followers can see value, knowledge or information in it. In this way, your account will be more interesting because it contains useful informations wrapped in great writings. (KB)


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